Anyone Else Experiencing This?

Screenshot_20170130-164425 (373x640).jpg

I think WordPress is on the blink again!

Whilst going through my feed, I noticed a post from Paul Militaru and from Weggieboy’s Blog had merged. :/


21 thoughts on “Anyone Else Experiencing This?

  1. Yes. I’ve seen it as well. I just shake my head and keep moving. WordPress can be headache inducing. I’m trying not to let out be.


    • His photography really is fantastic! What are the odds of two of my favourite blogs (well, two posts) merging?! The best of both worlds rolled into one! 😀 I just love Andy and Dougy. ❤


  2. I haven’t seen that but WordPress is just full of bugs so I’m not surprised. Maybe ask in the help forums if it gets too bad.

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  3. I haven’t had problems so far….but who knows? You keep up the good work, you’re my morning “devotional” and positivity site. I can’t “handle” more than a sentence or two at a time. ~~dru~~

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