Thursday Thought — Why Did So Many People Side with Him?

A Cry For Justice

On some days the following thoughts may rattle around inside your head:  “Okay, I can kind of see his friends backing him up, because they only hear his side of the story.  And some of them are kind of like him anyhow — that’s why they’re friends with him.  But why have people I trusted taken his side?  My own good friends? My brother? Our pastor? People who’d been neutral before?  What happened?

Go back in your mind to the first several months of your relationship with your partner.  Remember how convincing he was, how persuasive?  Remember what a great guy he seemed to be?  Remember how he made you feel bad for him when he told you about other people who had done wrong to him (including previous partners of his)?  Abusive men tend to be skillful manipulators.  Unfortunately, the same skills he used with you he is now…

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