Just Leave…..

“How do you explain that you spent the majority of the relationship being on the receiving end of lies, cruelty, becoming a detective, seeking out the truths?” ~ Sociopath Life/Hell


How many times have you heard ‘why don’t you just leave’? ‘Why are you still talking to him/her’?

I have said it thousands of times, unless your friend or family member has first person experience with a Sociopath, they truly cannot understand why you simply ‘don’t just leave’. It is not that your support system, friends, family, do not care, they just do not get it. What do they not ‘get’? Lets start with just the very basics.

~emotional trauma. No one likes to ring up their best friend or family member and say ‘oh by the way, I am being emotionally abused and manipulated.’ However, YOU do not even know that is going on until it is to late. Already sucked into the dark, twisted, unbelievable life of a Narcissistic Sociopath. So how do you begin to explain, in a logical sense to someone the trauma you have endured…

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