Four Year Anniversary

Yesterday (13th March) was my four year anniversary.

This was the day I landed in the UK with my then 12 week old son, after being in an abusive relationship.

This was the day I realised I was no longer going to punched, hit, strangled, suffocated and then some.

This was the day I realised that even though my abusive ex-husbandΒ agreed my son and I should go to the UK and he would follow, I knew he wouldn’t.

This was the day I realised my son was not going to grow up following in the footsteps of his father.

This was the day I got my life back – even though I am still not completely back on track.

This was the day I said “No more. Enough is enough”.

This was the day I started to live again.

25 thoughts on “Four Year Anniversary

  1. Yes Happy Anniversary Persia. Getting back on track takes time unfortunately. Im doing it myself. Keep building on what you have. Get a decent savings account together if you dont have one.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. It takes too long and admittedly, I do become impatient at times. But I do know everything will happen when it’s supposed to. You’ve given great advice for which I am grateful. Keep going, as will I. We’ll get there one day. ❀

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    • Thank you, Tony. I hope you and your wife are well.
      I wouldn’t say I have a great life… but I am alive. I have my son and we are both healthy. Not forgetting I have God too. Before, I would have wanted so much more. But my experiences – as traumatic as they were – have surprisingly made me humble.
      It’s good to hear from you my friend.


  2. Amen Persia! Happy Freedom Day. I too left like you, I too was treated like you. I too am getting better every day and I am so happy that you are an amazingly strong woman. Your stories and sharing are healing others. There are silent readers who come and read and never say a word, so don’t stop because what you are speaking out on is changing lives so others can get up and walk out too. Love you friend, hug our lil man – He’s got the best mum! You.

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    • What an amazing comment! Aww, thank you. I’m so sorry for your experiences. Glad you left and are doing well along your Healing Journey. You’re strong too! Your posts are inspirational. I as well as others, appreciate them. Our lil man and I send love and hugs. ❀

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  3. Just found your blog and i am so grateful to you for penning it all down… Im still stuck in an abusive marriage with a Narcissistic Sociopath… it is like constantly falling into an abyss…


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