This Changed Everything

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Today, when I collected Max from preschool, I was informed that he had been naughty.

So, I told him we would have a little chat when we got home. En-route, we talked a little, whereby in a nutshell, I told him that he must be good and to listen to his teachers. Unfortunately, he was not in a ‘listening’ mood. He was talking over me and told me I talk too much.

Fortunately for me, I spotted a police car. This changed everything.

Max didn’t see the car at first; so I pointed it out, and started to march him towards the vehicle.

Max: Mummy, please don’t tell the police I was naughty.

Me: I have to, because you’re still misbehaving.

Max: But I’m a beautiful child!

We got to the car, and a police officer winds the window down.

Police: Are you misbehaving?

Max: No, please don’t take me away. I’ll be good.

Police: Alright.

Me: Thank you (mouthing the words so Max couldn’t hear).

Police: *smiles*

Max and I continue our short journey home. During this time, he tells me he is going to say sorry to his teacher tomorrow, and tells me he loves me.

He also ate his lunch, with no hassle and is currently in ‘good boy’ mode!


15 thoughts on “This Changed Everything

  1. My sister had, shall we say, a little hoodlum for a son. She was always threatening him by saying she was going to call the orphanage if he didn’t straighten up.
    One day, before she could get the words out, he said “I’ll get the phone.”

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    • I know, right?! It worked on this occasion, and I didn’t even have to say much! Do feel a little guilty though. I tell you what, he’s been good as gold since!


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