Walkers, Please Explain This

Walkers, Please Explain This

I love crisps/chips. I can easily eat three to four bags, one after another (individual sized ones). Not that I’m promoting that this is a good thing, because it isn’t.

Anyway, I bought a six pack of Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch recently, and got ready to devour a few packets. I opened the first one…

20170320_132107 (480x640)

Really? Each one thereafter was exactly the same.

Walkers, I am reaching out to you. I need you to explain this please.

What the hell is this? Even my four year old would eat this and say “More please mummy”, let alone a grown woman being satisfied with it.

Walkers, you’re playing with my emotions here. I was looking forward to feasting on these. Put more in the bags please!


10 thoughts on “Walkers, Please Explain This

  1. Although, we don’t have those here in the U.S., I can completely understand your frustration as our chips have become smaller and smaller it seems each time that I purchase them. I can’t remember a time when we actually got a full amount to the top of the bag.

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