asparagus, basil and sesame wraps

“The glorious English asparagus season arrived slightly earlier than usual this year, due to the mild winter and spring weather. This very simple dish is a good way to enjoy these delightful harbingers of all the wonderful seasonal produce yet to come.” ~ The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen

The Circus Gardener's Kitchen

The European Food Safety Authority recently began a review of the temporary ban on neonicotinoid pesticides imposed two years ago by the European Union (EU) in response to evidence about the harmful effect of these chemicals on bee populations.

The evaluation is due to be completed by January 2017 and it could lead to the ban being lifted or maintained.

Since its introduction, the multinational pesticides manufacturers Bayer and Syngenta have lobbied hard to have the ban lifted, despite the fact that evidence continues to accumulate about the role neonicotinoids are playing in declining bee numbers.

These chemicals are designed to attack insect pests by targeting their central nervous system, resulting firstly in paralysis and then death. However, they are not able to distinguish between a “pest” and a beneficial insect. Thus, as well as bees, evidence suggests that neonicotinoids cause harm to other beneficial insects such as ladybirds, lacewings…

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