Illegal immigrant jailed for attempted rape gets £27,000 compensation

The Kurd, who had no official ID papers, spent two years in prison before he was allowed out on licence but was locked up again to prevent him from disappearing.

Because the authorities could not prove his nationality they were not able to send him to his native country.

Deputy High Court Judge Mr Justice Mott acknowledged that the sex offender had a history of absconding, but ruled that he had been unlawfully detained for 11 months prior to his release last December.

It is not known whether the woman he tried to rape, who cannot be named for legal reasons, received any damages. But under Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority rules, she would only have been entitled to around £7,500.

by The Daily Mail

There is something seriously wrong with the justice system.

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5 thoughts on “Illegal immigrant jailed for attempted rape gets £27,000 compensation

  1. yes, something seriously wrong. I understand that he was “allegedly” wrongfully detained or whatever, but to give him that much and knowing that the victim gets much less is ridiculous. Never mind the fact, that he is pretty much getting away with a crime. Oye Vae!!!

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