Taiwan Passes Law to Become First Asian Country to Ban Eating of Cats and Dogs

This is great news. Here’s hoping the rest will follow very quickly.

Earlier this year at the bill’s first reading, deputy agriculture minister Huang Jin-Cheng criticised Taiwan’s lack of a law prosecuting people who eat dog and cat meat, calling the change “necessary”.

Jonathan Mitchell, The Evening Standard

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6 thoughts on “Taiwan Passes Law to Become First Asian Country to Ban Eating of Cats and Dogs

  1. I don’t like the idea of cats and dogs being eaten. But, is this another example of the West imposing it’s morals on others. No-one stops the French eating horse meat or much of the world eating beef despite India’s having the cow as a sacred animal.The West do as they will deciding we have the moral high ground and yet the East don’t look on cats and dogs as we do. In their eyes, why not eat them?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • There are many Asians who too, believe that cats and dogs should not be eaten – not just the West. Most of these cats and dogs (especially dogs; take a look at the Yulin Festival) are boiled alive, as it is said they ‘taste better’. This is unnecessary suffering, and to be fair, how would anyone like the idea of being boiled alive? As for horses being eaten, I have seen a couple of petitions going around against it. I believe it could be the severity of the death of cats and dogs which catapult them further ahead of horses. Personally, I do not eat meat.
      Thank you for your comment, David.


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