This is a Story About a Girl Named Sophia

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I worry a lot about my son going to school. “Will he fit in?” as well as “Will he be bullied?”.

Time and time again, I read about individuals taking their owns lives. Whilst this is sad enough, they seem to be getting younger and younger too. It was just the other day, I read how an eleven year old took his own life after a text from a bully encouraged him to do so. This is so heartbreaking.

Together, we must put a stop to bullying.

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31 thoughts on “This is a Story About a Girl Named Sophia

  1. We must somehow stop Bullying and physical violence in our schools. Our kids deserve a comfort zone, not a place to dread. Right now the consequences for disrupting, bullying, even violence and vandalism is to be sat alone for a couple of hours to “draw”…that is not a consequence. My friend is a teacher, she has a little girl, she was so charismatic, spontaneous, incredibly bright but she was different from the other kids, she became the object of ridicule in first grade, isolated herself, lost her self esteem, she is a statistic now. So, my friend became a teacher with zero tolerance for any bullying but the powers that be have tied the teachers hands and allowed the bully’s to get away with slap on the wrist. We need to stand up for these kids, it is a matter of life.

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    • I’m so sorry to hear about your friend and her daughter. That’s so sad. Heartbreaking. You are right; all too often, bullies get away with their actions, and tend to do it again because they know there’ll be no consequences. I do, and will continue to stand up for what’s right; even if it costs me my life. I’d rather go out the the truth, than go out for a lie grovelling on my knees.

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      • I guess if we look at the wider picture… adults who are supposed to be setting an example, it will give us an answer. We live in a world where it is now deemed as abnormal and ‘stupid’ to defend someone by standing up for what is right. I read the other day a guy was stabbed to death for trying to defend a stranger who was being attacked. I read some of the comments; I couldn’t stomach the rest. The now dead guy was being cursed out for standing up against the bullies! One comment read along the lines of “That was dumb he list his life for getting involved. He should have stayed out if it”. I mean what the heck?!

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      • I think so many are wrapped up in trying to make a living or other things that good parenting is not at the top of the list. In reference to your comment on society in general, I agree wholeheartedly. It seems since our blowhard president with his nasty temper and harsh comments has set off a trickle down of brutality…what is happening on airlines is a good example, the airport police laying their hands on and brutalizing a paying customer…I am amazed and horrified.


  2. Bullying was definitely a problem for me in Middle School and High School — I was awkward and weird and I was having troubles at home. For some reason, people saw me as week… an easy target and I was bullied horribly. I was actually told on two different occasions by two different people in high school that “your friends aren’t really your friends; they just tolerate you.” And just other horrible crap.
    And I look back, and I ask my self why do children feel the need to be so petty and cruel to each other?
    But you are an awesome mama and I’m sure if you even get a whiff of bullying, you will put your foot down in a skinny instant lol.

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    • My heart sank as I read your comment. I am so, so sorry. You know, some children are insecure which is why they pick on/bully others. Makes them feel ‘big’. Others bully due to their home life, and this is the way they project their feelings. Certainly not an excuse to make someone else’s life hell. I hope your Healing Journey has been a prosperous one – to include health and confidence. x
      Thank you for your kind words. I certainly will put my ‘skinny’ foot down! I’m having none of it!

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  3. Bullying is horrible. Teachers should be aware as should other children. Most of these bullies are cowards. All it takes if one confrontation to let them know that they aren’t going to get away with it.

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  4. Persia if you are there for him, and I know you are, he will manage very well. You’ll probably never be able to stop bullying but you can make Max a strong young man, well able to deal with these situations.

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  5. I think television, music, and social media play a huge part too. We need to have more movies and shows displaying kindness as “cool” often we have shows and movies that show the “mean girls/jocks” as the cool kids that everyone likes and wants to be like. Social media no different, seeing people post horrible memes/videos etc to gain popularity while making fun of someone else or putting someone down in the process. It shows them if you don’t look a certain way or act a certain way you aren’t good enough and people will let you know just how “lame” you are.

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    • You raise very good points, and I totally agree with you. Good grief, some of the lyrics I hear these days has my jaw dragging on the floor! Thank you for your input/comment. Very valid indeed.

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