You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

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As some of you may or may not know, there is to be a snap election on 8th June in the UK. My opinion? I think it is too soon after Brexit, but who am I to put in my two pennies worth? Anyway, normally, I don’t get involved with politics online. However, yesterday, there were two exceptions.

With the first one, my friend posted it had been ‘leaked’ (f**k me, I’m sick of this word) that if elected, Labour would scrap tuition fees. Well isn’t that grand of them? The amount of sarcasm that went through my mind as I typed the last sentence… The conversation went like this:

Person A: Really? I remember it was Labour who introduced tuition fees.

My Friend: They may have done this but it was the Conservatives who hiked the fees up to an extortionate and unrealistic amount so as to put the working class off from taking up studying and the rich who could afford. My relatives fellow student friends are all from Foreign money or middle to high class demographics. Also it was also the Liberal Democrats who made the pledge to promise to abolish all tuition fees and they failed on this word…. if they want to bring economy into this country they need to invest-first and foremost into the younger generations futures.

Me: Whether Conservatives hiked them up or not, it was indeed Labour who introduced them in the first place! If they were not in place, one wouldn’t be able to hike them up!

My Friend: True they’re all greedy b@stards at the end of the day with labour having pros as well as cons…

The next one pissed me right off. I’m just sitting back, waiting for my friend to unfriend me, because this is what some do nowadays when you disagree with them, right? It has now become the ‘norm’.

There is some news going around , ‘NHS: Tories SILENT on introduction of £145 charges for 40 minute GP Consultations‘. It actually started off with one her friends (someone I do not know) commenting.

Person A: The Tories are not commenting on this because charges are not, as implied, being introduced for NHS consultations. Fake news!

I simply liked his comment and moved on. Next thing I knew, I was tagged into my friend’s comment.

My Friend: I wish it was fake Person A & Persia Anderson 😕

Me: What do we really know about any of the parties? They all lie, and I find it interesting the amount of ‘dirt’ (whether true or not) that is dug up when an election is coming around. Say it is true about the NHS. What is Labour hiding? I find them all despicable. I trust none.

My Friend:I’m not a fan of politicians either. I would prefer if there were no such thing and we all lived in peace & harmony and loved everyone around us! Free from world domination & poverty. Whilst there are still politicians the facts remain that the Tories have always served the rich and Labour have always served the working class & the most vulnerable. All our public services are under threat especially the NHS as parts of the NHS have already been privatised under the Tories. Jeremy Corbyn personally helped one of my SA friends who was taking care of her sick grand mother & unable to work and subsequently pay her rent. She wrote to Jeremy asking for his help and he prevented her from being evicted! She met him in person at one of his Labour meet & greets and thanked him and he had tears in his eyes. So they’re not all the same. He has a heart & Theresa May is heartless. Please vote Labour! 💋

Me: Sorry, Friend, I will not vote Labour. Never have. Never will. Besides, is Corbyn not the one who said ‘we’ should have tea with the ISIS? I mean, really? As for my opinion; yes they are all the same. Once in power what they preached to be elected in the first place is no longer on the table.

Her Friend: Oh dear. The NHS does not allow GPs to charge. What is happening here is an increase in the supply of GP services, outside the NHS, so that waiting lists within the will be shorter.

My Friend: We won’t have an NHS under a Tory government. They are deliberately running it into the ground. Using Agency Nurses. Making Dr’s work a 6 day week. That way they can justify selling it off. Have you seen the devastation they have caused since they were elected. Do you want Theresa Care? I don’t! ☹️

Me: Friend, have you seen the devastation caused in the 13 years Labour was in power? Whilst I respect your opinion and it is your right to vote for whom you chose, I do not think it is your right to ‘dictate’ to anyone who they should vote for. If you look back over the conversation, not once have I told you who to vote for, yet you are trying to get me to vote Labour. I thought we lived in a democracy? Or is it only a democracy if we are all forced to vote Labour…? You cannot convince me otherwise. I will not vote Labour. My vote will go to whom I chose, and I am not sorry for that.

Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t trust politicians full stop. All parties are dirty and have blood on their hands. But I also don’t like all the fake news floating around and shit stirrers. There are enough problems as it is. No-one but me knows who I’m voting for, but I know one thing; I will be using my right to vote.

Regarding the NHS: it is constantly treating people from all over the world and here in the UK, who have never paid into the system. This causes a huge strain on the resources available. Those who have paid in have to wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment. Years for surgery. This has been going on for so long it’s crazy. People who think it’s free need to remember that in actual fact, it isn’t. Money has to be paid in to keep it going.

The same crap is happening with schools. Over two hundred applications submitted for sixty places. This has been going on for years too. Parents are being told to bring in essentials to keep schools running – toilet tissue, stationary, etc.

People have become so disrespectful to each other for stating their own opinion.

We live in a beautiful world, but mankind has f**ked it up.


43 thoughts on “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    • Absolutely. We are. I may form my own Party! We need new, fresh ideas. A real leader to give the People a chance. However, on saying that, I think the situation is too tender at the moment for us to change from one Party to the next, to the next and so forth. Too much is going on, and people are fed up. We need to breathe. Brexit wasn’t even a year ago! 😧

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      • I’m talking about the referendum date specifically. It was June last year, and we’re only in May this year. It’s too close together. (I think anyway). Article 50 has been triggered also, so we are already going through the motions.
        I like your question. “When is?” indeed. I cannot answer that question, Simon. I wish I knew.

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      • I get you about the vote date, but if you ask me if any PM resigns there should be a GE. Why should anyone take over who hasn’t been voted in.
        The ‘motions’ won’t be over for years, anyone who thinks it will over in two is smoking something strong, this could still be going on in 10 years as for when is – why not anytime. It’s as good as any other.


      • Well, Cameron did resign so the position needed to be filled quickly. It’s not to say it was done in the right way, but a replacement was needed.
        Don’t think I said the motions would be over in a couple of years. Pretty sure I say Article 50 has been triggered so it’s already in motion…
        Sure. I’ll agree with you. Any time is good for a a brand new Party. Vote Persia! 😀😜

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      • Are you going to be the Persia party?
        My dear lady I know you never said two years, but that’s the official flannel that many believe 😜

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      • Yes! The Persia Party. Pahaha. Can’t think of a name at the moment. I believe it will be longer than two years too. I guess all we can do is sit tight and ride the storm. Live each day to the fullest as tomorrow is never promised. What will be, will be.

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  1. Lord have mercy, Persia. This is why I NEVER discuss politics with anybody…not even friends. It’s too volatile and (at least here) unshared opinions are no longer acceptable. If you don’t agree, you’re fucked. It reminds me of the days of McCarthyism.

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    • Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s almost terrifying the way people become – like Jekyl and Hyde when you one doesn’t agree with them.


  2. Excellent post. What grinds mine most is that so many people at the end of their lives are denied the benefits they were promised, and to which they have been compelled to contribute all their, or their partner’s working years.

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    • Thanks, Derrick. I hear you and you are right. I’ve seen it myself. I think it’s an absolute disgrace how the elderly are treated for a start. When I read how some survive on half a can of soup a day as they cannot afford anything else. How they are left on trolleys in the corridor of hospitals are there isn’t a bed for them. Some can’t afford heating. Then you get those who get everything for nothing. They get what others have worked for, instead of the rightful recipients receiving what they should. We live in a world of ‘self entitlement’ now which makes me want to scream.

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  3. We’re having an election here in Nova Scotia, too. The liberals have really pissed the teachers and health care workers off so there is much heated debate. It gets ugly. Good luck!

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  4. I think that you should just vote for the candidate that you suits your beliefs and needs. I don’t understand why others are offended on whom you are voting for. It is your right to choose. Anyways, great post! Much love. 🙂

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