Domestic Abuse Victim Shares the Sickening Texts She Was Sent by Her Controlling Husband

This reminds me of what I went through. I remember when I needed to get away from my ex-husband, so went for a walk and ended up at a shopping mall. He had called a few times, but I ignored him. Shortly after I sat on a bench, there he was! How the hell did he find me?

Another time it happened, I turned my phone off for peace. He didn’t turn up.

Then I had a thought…

One day, I watched him drive off to work, and immediately called our mobile/cell phone provider to find out if what I was thinking was true. Well, well, well. My hunch was right. He had activated a tracker on my phone – something the provider had introduced in case parents wanted to find out where their child/children were, should they believe they were in danger.

From the article:

In one batch of texts, krissykross revealed he sent seven consecutive messages over a short space of time demanding to know where she was, where she went for lunch and who she was with – before telling her to call him.

In another abusive exchange, Adam reveals how he set traps to see if his girlfriend had come home – and berated her for going out “in secret”.

Then there was the deaths of my kittens

Rupert, Stewart and Jacob

Oxanna and Phoenix

From the article:

While another harrowing text exchange sees the boyfriend say: “Take a picture holding 3 fingers and send it to me now. Do it where I can tell its your moms house. You have 5 mins.”

Krissykross revealed she finally decided to leave her ex-husband when he hurt her dog and kitten.

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