Friday Funnies 19.05

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Random-Funnies-17052017-01 (640x553)

twittter (490x401)

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Have a wonderful weekend all. πŸ˜€


20 thoughts on “Friday Funnies 19.05

    • I do apologise for the delay. No problem at all!
      Image 1 – Says: “The Original Computer” and has a drawing of a pencil on it. The writing end says ‘Print’, whilst the rubber/eraser end says ‘delete’.
      Image 2 – A gentleman called Simon Holland tweeted “I got a job at Comcast and completed training so I could fix my own cable because it was faster than being on hold with customer service”.
      Image 3 – Three blue birds are sitting on a branch (drawn). The fist says “Chirp chirp”. The second says “RT (retweet) @birdnexttome chirp! chirp! <<LOL #funnybirdnoises". The third says "WTF!??".
      Image 4 – A grape and a raisin (drawn). The grape asks "What happened to you?". The raisin says "Long story short, I had gift certificates to a tanning salon that were about to expire so I used them all up at once".
      Image 5 – There is a guy/dude from neck upwards cover in slices of bread. The caption says "This man has a bread helmet. Your argument is invalid".
      Image 6 – (Drawn). Caption '15 years ago':
      Holding a bunch of letters "Sigh, letters".
      Happily sat at a computer "Ding, you've got mail".
      Next caption 'Today'
      Sat unhappily at a laptop "220 unread emails"
      Happily holding a letter "OMG! A letter".
      I hope you enjoyed them. Have a wonderful week.

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