Just Saying 28.06

Why do people hide love and express hatred so openly?

Ay. En

Can anyone answer this question for me please?

18 thoughts on “Just Saying 28.06

  1. Expressing love makes you vulnerable and not so badass. Expressing hate makes you seem all powerful and scary.


  2. In my opinion..people show hate so easily because they feel it is safer…hiding behind rage gives a false sense of security..which in fact is a lie. The direct opposite happens. Hate is weak and it likes to see harm. People think it makes them look superior because they can lay down the judgement. Love we tend to keep close to the chest, because many have been hurt by the worlds definition of love. Many think love especially romantic love is supposed to be this aching, swirling mass of pain. That is how they have seen love defined for them over and over again. So love is viewed as weak and for the inferior.
    Love is actually the most powerful force there is..it is all there is. Everything comes from that. When you step into love..actual love. you see the power and you realize how mighty you really are and it transforms you. When you ask the question of the Universe..show me love..the universe does..and it starts always right with you. Until you love you…you cannot love another..so the mission becomes loving self and what that means and it becomes a natural extension of self..
    People who openly show hate are terrified human beings..some are evil and I am sure we have all met them. So raging is what they do to keep all away. And if you keep coming at them with hate back it only proves to them that they and every one else is trash..
    I deal with it all day long..in my job people come and spew hate all the time at me..yet I do not operate in that. So it cannot touch me..sure it makes me sad and a bit squeamish, but that is all. I have seen monsters transform in front of my face because I would not play with them.
    Love takes awareness..hate takes nothing and only confirms what we see happening around us..
    Change your thoughts..change your world..


    • Thank you for your comment. I read it with great interest. “Love is actually the most powerful force there is” – love this sentence. I must say, I think you are spot on with all you have said/written. I’m sure others will agree. I appreciate the time you took to comment on my post. I hope all is well.


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