Narcissist Exposer #2

The drama, exhaustion, mind games, having to know everything so that they are able to manipulate, cheat, lie to you, on you, worrying about how they make the public see you with their smear campaign… All the heartache… and just when you begin to feel better… BOOM you start putting too much thought into it.

@Narcseexposer via twitter

6 thoughts on “Narcissist Exposer #2

      • Thank you. I have to co-parent with a narcissist so this is life long. It’s not nearly as bad as when it was an unknown. Now it has a title. He doesn’t smear my name so that’s one good thing. He learned long ago that it worked better to speak kindly of me. That people appreciated that more and respected him more for it. Haha.


  1. I used to keep my head down at first scared incase anyone said something, or i would make sure I had friends with me. Now I don’t care, I realised that I wasn’t to blame. The one to blame was hiding in his house playing the victim in fact he still is!! I think he deserves an award lol 😂

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    • They tend to get you to that point. But I’m glad to read that you realised you’re not to blame. They hate that. And Yes, they do put on stellar performances for others!

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