Narcissist Exposer #4

Narcissists don’t grow. They just pull you down to their level of darkness and pain. It is only up to you to gain the strength and pull yourself out. It is only up to you to become motivated enough to never turn back. Their plan is to keep you on their level of misery. Never accept that.

@narcseexposer via twitter

4 thoughts on “Narcissist Exposer #4

    • You’re right; they never change. My ex-husband is doing the same also – repeating the same patterns. I’m sorry you had such an experience, and I wish you well along your Healing Journey.

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      • Thank you, you too, it’s a horrible experience certainly not one I will ever forget. My ex is doing the same, he remarried and is still doing the same cycle. It’s not long hit me that I’m finally free, its been a slow process but feel like im finally there.


      • You healed in your own time and didn’t rush it – advice I always give. As much as it hurts, one does need time, but like you, others will get there. I sincerely wish you all the best.

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