I Am Not a Number…

I Am Not a Number

… No, wait – actually I am.

Yes folks, I have been called for jury service/duty over the next couple of weeks.

So, if I’ve gone quiet (again!), this is the reason!

19 thoughts on “I Am Not a Number…

  1. If you want to get out of it…tell them you have narcolepsy. I knew a man that did that every time he was summoned and it worked.
    None of us ever had to serve because of what Loser did for a living. 😬


  2. I swear they have a system where they asked only certain group of people and not others because I stay getting called in but other people I know never do and I’m like how sway? lol And I did think the few times I did were interesting despite loathing to go into it in the first place but once in, it was cool. Hope you enjoy your experience with it.


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    • Here in the UK, you can decline within two years if you have already served. I’m surprised you’ve been so… unlucky! This week has been a bit of a bore; I’ve been waiting around sooo much! Back in tomorrow, but Friday should be my last day. Have a great day/week!

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