Narcissist Exposer #7

The narcissist can see when you’re gaining strength, fed up with their mind games, physically and mentally exhausted from them. They either play nice until they get back in control or they discard you… go ghost/abandon you. This is like their punishment for you seeing right through them… finding them out. They have to be surrounded by supply that can’t see the real them.

@Narseexposer via twitter

2 thoughts on “Narcissist Exposer #7

  1. and even if you are not around them, they somehow feel your strength and send this crazy, loopy energy your way. One minute you are great and then all of a sudden you are spinning in circles. And everything hurts. Whats up with that..? I literally went from fit and mentally clear to muscle atrophy and operating in a fog zone…I just had a thought. I see these videos on Youtube about what narcs/sociopaths are..but I never see anyone explaining what physically happens to the victim. I think I have a mission.


    • You are absolutely right. I’ve just been through it – again – with my ex narc husband. Geez, I really wish he would leave me alone and get a real life…
      Please let me know your findings!


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