Chic Style Boutique

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Some of you may not know, but I launched an online Chic Casual & Retro Vintage clothing boutique a couple of months ago. The lovely Simon over at Planet Simon published a post on my behalf on his blog – thank you my friend. ❤

Pinup Kulture Magazine is in fact the second publication my boutique has been featured in; the first was Pinup Industry (click here to view).

It will be in a third for the Christmas/Holiday Season, and I am so excited about it. And I quote:

“It’s a leading publication within the fashion industry and is recognised for having the best luxury editorial content and highest readership with a 1 million web presence. By running an ad or editorial in their Holiday Glam Issue you’ll reach a visual presentation of over 94k+ circulation”.

I have suffered huge setbacks (I will blog about them another time, as I don’t have the time nor energy to do it at the moment), but I have worked my butt off to get this far. All I ask from you, my WP Family is to wish me luck, and for those who believe to pray my blessings will continue to unfold.

Thank you all so much!

Love, P. x

14 thoughts on “Chic Style Boutique

  1. Sending prayers your way Persia, best wishes on your venture ! I checked out your website quickly and saved it! It looks so good. Have a wonderful , hugs, Terri xo.


  2. I have greatly admired the way your wear Vintage Clothing. As the young Sisters in America say, You’re on Fleek and you Slay every day!! I see you taking YouTube by Storm. This is your Niche and I don’t think that there are very many Black Women showcasing 1950s style clothing. You will take YouTube by storm and I see you being featured in Essence Magazine. You Go Gurl!!


  3. I am so happy for you my friend from afar. How absolutely exciting and wonderful this is. Of course, I will pray and will share this blog with your permission to help spread the news.
    God bless you and Max!

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