Friday Funnies 25.08

20170808_165401 (480x640)

I took this on a bus ride from jury duty/service.

Screenshot_20170625-173558 (360x640)

Screenshot_20170810-133329 (445x640)

Sorry Ritu!

Screenshot_20170810-134425 (451x640)

Screenshot_20170813-171009 (553x640)

Screenshot_20170823-144057 (640x630)

Have a wonderful weekend all. 😀

17 thoughts on “Friday Funnies 25.08

  1. Arriving in Bangor, Maine from Germany, there was a aviation fuel tanker on the tarmac with the first letter of the brand worn off the tank.

    “Oh shit,” I thought, “I’ve just arrived in hell!”


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