Virgin Media/Broadband

Dear Virgin Media/Broadband

I’ve been having problems with my broadband for a little while. I find this most frustrating, as I work from home. In fact, even when I’m not working, I’m still using the internet.

Anyway, I received excellent customer service over the phone, and a technician was booked. However, I must say, I found a technician coming round really annoying, because it meant I had to bring my son to school, and rush back home for the appointment. I also hate waiting for workmen of any type because they generally do not turn up on time, then I have to clean after they have been in my home with their dirty boots.

On this occasion, the technician arrived just past 10.00 am which was perfect.

Now I’m certainly not complaining, but may I ask this of you… could you please give me prior warning that you are going to send such a hot man to my home, so I can at least style my hair? I mean, I was dressed in my usual 1950’s clothing (a dress with a petticoat), but I couldn’t be bothered with my hair, so it was slicked back in a bun. I guess I looked semi decent, but DAMN, this man was very handsome indeed. And he is around 6ft, which meant he hovered over me, so this was definitely a plus. Also, did I mention his smile and that he has tattoos? I almost melted. In fact, I had to sit down to compose myself. Last but not least, when he extended his hand to shake mine; I giggled like a shy school girl.

The broadband seems to be working well; I can only take his word that he completed the checks, because to be fair, I have no idea, as I was too distracted by him. So maybe now you have a better idea as to why you should probably give fair warning next time.

Anyway, thank you for dealing enquiry so quickly. I really appreciate it.

Kindest regards,

Persia Anderson

(Just so you know, I didn’t really send a letter. But if I did, it would be very similar to this one!).

4 thoughts on “Virgin Media/Broadband

  1. Girl, you are too much. I am laughing so hard. I probably would have done the same thing and I’m 47. I was so nervous and shy when I met a couple of my favorite Christian musicians. Felt like a silly young girl afterward. I was absolutely beaming. Keep the joy and laughter coming. It was definitely needed today.

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