I Must Apologise

Dear All,

I hope you are well.

Please allow me to apologise for not keeping up with your blogs/posts. I have been so busy, I’ve just not been able to keep up with everything. I’m just so grateful for the ‘Schedule’ feature on WP. In addition to this, I was very unwell over the weekend.

It came on all of a sudden Friday (8th December) after I collected Little Yum-Yum from school. Within thirty minutes or so, I was trembling, but sweating profusely. Dressed in a thick sweater and thermal leggings (not very vintage, huh?), a fleece hooded dressing gown, a 13.5 tog duvet and 2 fleece blankets – not to mention the heating was on full – I felt like I was going to freeze to death.

In addition, I lost most of the feeling down my entire right side, which does feel much better today. It didn’t stop me from letting Max experience snow properly for the first time yesterday, though. I dragged myself to the front door and watched as ate snow flakes, and listened to his laughter. I needed that. He is such a treasure. I didn’t enjoy the snowballs he threw at me! It’s not like I could throw one back!

I lost 5 lbs over the weekend.

The last time I felt like this was two and a half years ago. I was told I had the flu. Think I’ll be going with that diagnosis this year, as I really do not have the time to sit for hours in my doctor’s surgery.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, as I always feel bad when I fall behind. But I will catch up. I will try this week.

Stay warm, my wonderful WP Family.

Much love to you all.

P. x

27 thoughts on “I Must Apologise

  1. Take time for yourself. This season is very stressful and December can bring on sickness. You are #1 and come before blogs. As my disabilities have escalated I kicked one blog to the curb. Your health is more important. Health and family life come before blogs.

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    • Many thanks for your comment, DeBorah. I have to let you peeps know what’s been going on. I will try to at least start the first post about the events tomorrow. I do hope you are OK, and I hope you are able to resume your blog at some point. You are right; health and family life come first.

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      • I’m fine. The usual aches and pains of old age. I revamped the writing blog and have some scheduled posts.
        My goal was and is to devote more time to my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy. Focus pays off. My photos are starting to get attention.

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      • I’m sorry to hear about the aches and pains. You are not old! You’re a lovely, vibrant lady. Wonderful news regarding your photos. I’ll have to catch up with your blogs.


      • I feel like I’m 208 years old. Stairs are my enemy and everything hurts. Back in October I had a headache for 25 days straight. Headaches and losing sensation on my right side. Signs of old age.


  2. Persia,
    I am so sorry that you have been so sick. It sounds awful. Im glad you have your son there with you. Take all the time you need to become well and dont worry about us. But thanks for letting us know because I think you are cared about here. Im a fellow abuse survivor and your postings help keep me strong. I dont always comment, but, I read them and they offer me strength and support. Please let us know how you are doing and know that I will be here waiting for your return. You are such a sweet lady.

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it. It’s great to know my negative experience is helping others. I’m still feeling a little off, but I am trying to respond to all comments. Remember, chin up, stand tall, stay strong. Love and hugs. x

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