What is This?

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Now I am finally on the mend, I can muster up the energy to say my piece about something which bothered me earlier this month.

Seriously, what is this? An Oreo milk bar in what is supposed to be a British chocolate maker pack? I knew it was a huge mistake selling Cadbury’s to Mondelez International (formerly Kraft). Their promises to keep this brand British were empty, and amongst other things, this just proves my point. How dare they take out Fudge for this nonsense?

I for one HATE Oreo. It is absolutely disgusting, and so is Hershey’s. Hence the reason when I am in the US, I hope and pray my lovely friends will send British chocolate to me, and never eat chocolate unless they do. It is also the reason I continue to send British chocolate to my beloved best friend who moved to the US some time ago.

Cadbury’s no longer taste the same as it used to. It’s oily, and ‘bitty’ since Mondelez International (formerly Kraft) took over. They have managed to ruin a great product, which is generally what happens when one company has a huge monopoly.

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ comes to mind.

Now it is broke, they need to fix it back to how it was.

26 thoughts on “What is This?

  1. I understand what you mean. I don’t understand why they’re always dicking around with things. Remember when they changed the taste of Coca-Cola so that it would taste more like Pepsi? That went over like a lead balloon.
    I don’t drink Coke and would NEVER drink Pepsi but the stupidity of “fixin’ things” is just that….STUPID!
    Hope you and our little Yum Yum have a wonderful New Year! 🙂


    • Yes, I remember something about that. Why make the change when they know they’ll receive a backlash? I guess they simply don’t care. I don’t drink Pepsi nor Cola either. They can shove it. (Feel better for getting that off my chest!). Many thanks. I hope and wish the same for you. Happy New Year. x

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  2. I didn’t know about this, but thanks for bring it to my attention.
    Meanwhile, a very Happy New Year to you both from Canada.


    • I’ve always disliked them, and never said anything until it crept into British chocolate! I mean, really?! Ugh. I hope all is well with you.


  3. I thank you, my friend, for this post, will reblog it to share this tragedy with others and thank you for educating me on Kraft and Cadbury.
    Love and blessings,


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