Narcissist Exposer #46

Think about it. Why is the narcissist gone, moved on but trying to know what you’re doing? Any information they continue to get about your business, is their way of still feeling some type of control over you. No Contact prevents you from falling in that trap. You have to immediately set boundaries for yourself. Protect you.

@Narseexposer via twitter

10 thoughts on “Narcissist Exposer #46

  1. How true that is! When I left Florida, Loser wanted to know where I was going. It bothered the shit out of him when I wouldn’t tell him. I kept asking him why he needed to know where I was going (knowing it was all about control) and he said “so I’ll have something in my head.”
    He had spent 40 years looking for his college “friend” and he finally found her. Not to contact her but just to have that control of knowing where she was. (And he didn’t find her on my watch…he found her on the tramp’s watch.) LOLOL


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