Narcissist Exposer #100

There are some things you just can’t do. There are some things you just have to move forward with. Wanting/trying to make things right with the narcissist is one of them. There is no making things right with them. You distance yourself, cut them off, go no contact for a reason. There should be no guilt in you trying to protect yourself from the pain you have to endure with them and away from them.

@Narseexposer via twitter

4 thoughts on “Narcissist Exposer #100

  1. You know what is still in the back of my mind is, she said as I walked out the door, “You’re leaving? After ALL I’ve done for you?” I’m still trying to figure out what that was, it bugs me and I will never forgive her for saying it!


  2. Persia, a very happy day occurred when I no longer had to work with a narcissist. He wanted to remain in contact, but I chose not to stay engaged. I do not regret that decision. Keith

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    • Absolutely, Keith. Keeping a distance from them is the best you can do, because they never change.
      It’s lovely hearing from you again. Hope all is well.


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