Narcissist Exposer #42

Are you asking yourself why hasn’t the narcissist popped back up or reached out to me? Please don’t feel some type of way because they haven’t. Some fall back on past relationships and some move on never looking back. Not contacting you is definitely not a bad thing. Focus on healing and moving forward never allowing that type of relationship ever again.

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Narcissist Exposer #41

Narcissists will hurt and damage those closest to them more than they’ll ever realise, and the worst part is they don’t give a shit.

They can’t.

They are literally incapable of giving a single salty f**k about what kind of pain they’re causing to their supposes loved ones, and so unless those close to them take action to distance themselves, they cycle of abuse and pain will go on forever.

Those who choose to stay might as well get used to the idea that they’re not allowed to express their own emotions.

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Narcissist Exposer #8

The narcissist is playing you like a piano. They don’t even love themselves, so for them to say “I love you” is something they found will pull you in line right where they want you and get you to take their bull a little bit longer.

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Domestic Abuse Victim Shares the Sickening Texts She Was Sent by Her Controlling Husband

This reminds me of what I went through. I remember when I needed to get away from my ex-husband, so went for a walk and ended up at a shopping mall. He had called a few times, but I ignored him. Shortly after I sat on a bench, there he was! How the hell did he find me?

Another time it happened, I turned my phone off for peace. He didn’t turn up.

Then I had a thought…

One day, I watched him drive off to work, and immediately called our mobile/cell phone provider to find out if what I was thinking was true. Well, well, well. My hunch was right. He had activated a tracker on my phone – something the provider had introduced in case parents wanted to find out where their child/children were, should they believe they were in danger.

From the article:

In one batch of texts, krissykross revealed he sent seven consecutive messages over a short space of time demanding to know where she was, where she went for lunch and who she was with – before telling her to call him.

In another abusive exchange, Adam reveals how he set traps to see if his girlfriend had come home – and berated her for going out “in secret”.

Then there was the deaths of my kittens

Rupert, Stewart and Jacob

Oxanna and Phoenix

From the article:

While another harrowing text exchange sees the boyfriend say: “Take a picture holding 3 fingers and send it to me now. Do it where I can tell its your moms house. You have 5 mins.”

Krissykross revealed she finally decided to leave her ex-husband when he hurt her dog and kitten.

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South Carolina Lawmakers Restore Funds for Domestic Violence Victims

“If the funds go away, I feel that the abuse is going to increase,” said Doug Warner, who lost his daughter to domestic violence and is the founder of a non-profit in Charleston that is dedicated to assisting victims and their families.

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