Why Emotional Abuse and Forced Sleep Deprivation Are Effective Tools to Gain Compliance: Part 1

…a tool used by abusers against their victims that few recognise as abusive is forced sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is actually a hybrid of emotional and physical abuse, because not only are there profound emotional effects on the victim when sleep deprivation is used, there are also dangerous physical effects as well.

Amy, Picking Up the Pieces

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7 Painful Truths All Empaths Must Eventually Face About Narcissists

It’s crucial for Empaths to acknowledge that Narcissists are disordered. When we support them, we are either knowingly or unknowingly supporting a lie, as the person we think we’re helping doesn’t really exist. While this fact alone is hard enough to swallow, following are seven more painful truths that all Empaths must eventually face about Narcissists.

Kim Saeed, Let Me Reach

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A Forgotten Scandal in Baltimore’s High Society

I cannot even imagine what these poor souls went through.

It’s not a story most people know about today, but it’s an important reminder of just how destructive an upper class with an unchecked sense of entitlement can be, and how vital it remains to safeguard the interests of those who can’t do so for themselves.

by Jesse Bering

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EVERYTHING is YOUR Fault – There are NO exceptions to the rules – it is always YOUR fault!

“Once the Narcissist plants the diversion seed in your mind you tender it, fertilize it, and allow it to grow. They purposely want to isolate you with their distortions to disable you. Without resolution or their presence, you are only in a debate with yourself.” ~ After Narcissistic Abuse

After Narcissistic Abuse

From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @http://www.amazon.com

There are many ways that a Narcissist will confound or confuse your thought processes, isolate you, and hold you prisoner without that Narcissist even being in your presence. The Narcissist creates negative messages that trap us in our own heads. Be it raging, accusing, silencing, and distancing themselves from you for days, or whatever chaos they decide to throw your way. All of these methods are hideous forms of abuse to debilitate you/us and make us conform to their rules. They bait us with an argument or accusations, this escalates usually with the Narcissist taking it to a higher level of dysfunction, we are left dumbfounded with their hit and run message, and then they go into the punishment mode by running off or silencing us – we are left in shock or…

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Illegal immigrant jailed for attempted rape gets £27,000 compensation

The Kurd, who had no official ID papers, spent two years in prison before he was allowed out on licence but was locked up again to prevent him from disappearing.

Because the authorities could not prove his nationality they were not able to send him to his native country.

Deputy High Court Judge Mr Justice Mott acknowledged that the sex offender had a history of absconding, but ruled that he had been unlawfully detained for 11 months prior to his release last December.

It is not known whether the woman he tried to rape, who cannot be named for legal reasons, received any damages. But under Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority rules, she would only have been entitled to around £7,500.

by The Daily Mail

There is something seriously wrong with the justice system.

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Children Who Experience Early Childhood Trauma Do Not ‘Just Get Over It’

Then stress hormone levels drop and you can think more clearly and resume your day fairly unscathed. What if you are 4, 9 or 15 years old? How will you cope if your repetitive early childhood trauma of living with domestic violence, unavailable or rough carers, chaos and unpredictability has left you traumatised?

by Jane Evans

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