Just Saying 26.05

A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks first and then thinks.


Friday Funnies 26.05

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Have a wonderful weekend all. 😀

Max and a Homeless Guy

New blog post on Maximus Octavian.

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Positive Quote 26.05

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. They who have courage and faith will never perish in misery.

Anne Frank (1929-1945)

Have a blessed day all. ❤

Just Saying 25.05

Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Positive Quote 25.05

Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Have a blessed day all. ❤

Just Saying 24.05

Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.

Dodinsky (Author)