Narcissists Enablers Are Guilty

“Abusing someone isn’t nearly as much fun if it’s only a party of two. With a crowd, there’s unlimited potential for drama. The narcissist gets to pull a lot more strings that way.” ~ RavenStormsBlog

You’re Not Single


I remember when I changed my status on Facebook to ‘Single’ last year, *Steve’s mother had a lot to say about it. Despite her son having a wife he had abused (me), and a child who was only four months old (Max) when he entered another relationship, she was not happy that I stopped acknowledging our relationship.

In fact, in a nutshell, she had actually told me I had to wait for her son.

Yes, the stupid bitch went there.

So whilst Steve is there shoving his penis into and impregnating anything with a pulse, she wants me to put up with it, sit back and wait until he was finished and ready to come back to me.

Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have ‘mug’ written on my forehead – in fact I am absolutely positive I don’t. So why on earth would I wait for my abuser to be done with his life, then take him back into mine, only for me to have to build mine up again in a few years time? And may I add, this is after he’s had an additional X amount of children with X amount of different women.

glue and chapstick

Even at the end of the conversation, whereby I stressed to her that I walked away from her son because of his abusive ways, and that I no longer loved him, therefore would never get back with him, she still insisted that I should not list my status as ‘Single’. See what I mean about bat-shit crazy?

It’s OK though, because she is now ‘best friends’ with Steve’s pregnant girlfriend Britney, so here is what I have to say to her…


Thanks For Keeping Me In His life


This is one of my Twitter accounts (I have two – one for Animal Advocacy; the other for Domestic Abuse and Randoms), in which *Steve’s biological mother was following. I use past tense as I unfollowed her so she unfollowed me a short time afterwards. Oh please, as if there’s a loss on my behalf.

Anyway, as you can see, it was I who made the effort for my son Max to be in the lives of his father’s side. There are more up to June this year, which I had to put a stop to due to the family’s back-stabbing ways. Not one of them came forward after all I had been through and after Steve had sent them a rude message, then cut them off. Yet, I have been told I am not a victim.

It clearly states that despite everything (that has happened to me at the hands of her son), I was still willing to let my son Max know that side of the family. Also, that she loves us both.


Oh really? So ‘normal’ people treat others that they love like shit and you just drop a grandchild because their son is irresponsible by having another child (third) with yet another individual?

And I’m being called ‘daughter/daughter-in-law’, then suddenly when the son who disowns his own family, and who can’t even stand the sight of his own mother, gets in touch with his family because he obviously needs something from them, they suddenly stab me in the back and think that’s OK?

Well, I guess it is. Because I know that next year, year after – in a nutshell, within the next few years, the family will fall out again, there will be a new pawn, the current pawn will be used a scapegoat, and the cycle will continue.

The thing about me is, I don’t put up with bullshit. None of them ever thought I would expose them and write about their behaviours. But I am different. I am not a little girl like the type they are used to dealing with. It’s always been hush hush with what has gone on with them.

But know this Steve and his family

i know enough about you

And unlike others, I’m not afraid to talk about what I know, well, because I can.

You all messed with the wrong woman.

Have a nice day! 😀

Love How Happy You Make My Brother

during your wosrt times

*Anna claimed the following:

Anna, 29/04/2011 16:46 –  I’m very excited to have you for my sister and love how happy you make my brother. My eldest said to tell you she’s “asiceted you mawwy untle Beaw and I chan’t wait to see you! Wu you Auntie Pewsia!” 

(Translation: “Excited you marry uncle Bear and I can’t wait to see you. Love you auntie Persia!”)

Yet, Anna and the rest of his family have some seriously questionable behaviour. It’s statements like this that makes me believe they are his enablers.

I am aware I made *Steve happy. Well, that was until my money ran out, I refused to do what he wanted me to, such as work and pay all the bills, including his daughter’s Child Support , and I called him out on many lies.

You Are My Daughter And Max My Heir

being pleasant again

A conversation between *Steve’s father and I (typos included). One can see that he refused to make amends with his family despite my efforts. Yet his Step Mother tells me I am not a victim:

Me, 22:04, 12 Dec 2013 – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I cannot believe one person can cause so much destruction.

Me, 22:08, 12 Dec 2013 – He said you said I was only using him for a green card. It was his intention to isolate Max and I. He wanted me to cut off my family and friends because he told me to stop communicating with everyone.

Me, 22:09, 12 Dec 2013 – He said he and I were family enough, moreso when Max came along.

Me, 22:10, 12 Dec 2013 – Hecwas ecstatic when we found out we were having a boy. Even though I said we should contact you, he said no. The only grandson with no communication would upset you. He got great pleasure from saying that.

Me, 22:11, 12 Dec 2013 – One of the reasons he refused to move to Cleveland, TN and make amends.

His Father, 22:08, 12 Dec 2013 – You are my daughter and Max, my heir. As long as I own this land so does he. Steve is a transparent ass clown. No worries. I look forward to the day you and Max come to visit, or stay:-).

Me, 22:15, 12 Dec 2013 – Once I am financially OK, I promise you, we will come visit. I’m thinking of moving back to the US anyway. I only came back to England to get distance from Steve. I haven’t decided where to settle yet! I’ve got a lot to do starting from scratch, but I’ll make it. We love you lots.

Me, 22:21, 12 Dec 2013 – I have to renew my Green Card early (to mid) next year so I will have to come out.

Me, 22:22, 12 Dec 2013 – Please pray it all goes smoothly for me!

His Father, 22:30, 12 Dec 2013 – Without condition, you and Max have a home and base of operation. Plus, an oldman who wants to teach his grandson how to fish, garden, and build our own tree house. I am a very good babysitter, ask *Anna and *Amber:-)


bullshit to your mouth

His Father calls him a transparent ass clown. Yet when he found out Steve’s girlfriend *Britney was having a boy, Max suddenly didn’t matter.

All talk, then he sucks up to his son, condoning his disgusting behaviour.

But then again, his father’s behaviour is no different.

Steve wants something from his family. This is the only reason he is in touch with them. I remember very clearly him saying that his sisters – especially Anna dangles their children in front of their father and step mother to get whatever they can, and that they are users.

Now he believes it’s his turn. Steve doesn’t do something for nothing. If he doesn’t benefit from it, he’s not doing it, trust me.