Narcissist Exposer #114

A narcissist will use the phrase “Get over it” because to them, your feelings are trivial. If it is not about them, then they’re not interested.

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Narcissists Have Secret Lives


This is absolutely true. I experienced this with my (ex) husband.

When everything blows up and their behaviour is exposed, the narcissist will then say you’re the crazy one who caused all the damage they created.

You are then left to pick up the pieces of your shattered life, whilst they move on to the next unsuspecting victim.

The only thing is, my (ex) husband didn’t think I’d make it. They never believe you will.

But I did.

Because I am no longer a victim.

I’m a Survivor.

The Cerebral Narcissist – A Portrait

“There is always someone else, they discard relationships like we discard trash. They change identities in a similar way, but they never change their pattern of relationship, and they rarely change who they are underneath all of their masks.” – Kim Saeed at Let Me Reach