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mom, why am i brown (part 2)

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Yesterday, when i came home from work, while i was at the door, my son asked me again.

son: mom, was i born brown?

i: why are you asking me this question again, we had this conversation already.

son: i know, i know..i was thinking because if you said apples come from apple tree and oranges come from orange come they change in color after a few days?

i: what do you mean they change in color?

son: like the red apples and banana on the table, after a few days it gets darker, or gets to be browner because it gets rotten…am i like that? am i getting darker each day like the fruits on the table

i: son, sometimes you get browner because of the sun, the more you expose yourself to the sun, the browner you get..but you are still brown in color…

son: oh! how…

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mom, why am i brown?

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Lastnight, while we were having dinner, my son asked me this question. I was really surprise of the question but i nonchalantly responded: why do you ask?

son: i am just curious…when i was born, was i already brown?

i: of course you are already brown, why? dont you like it?

son: i like it, i was just wondering as to why others are lighter and darker than me..some people say to me, i am tan..what does tan mean? does it mean brown?

i: yes, that is what they meant.. they are telling you that they like it..

son: ahh, am i brown because i wash my hands and shower a lot of times?

I was trying not to laugh while explaining to him because i know this is a very important question to him: son, that is your color because that is our family’s is just like the…

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