South Carolina Lawmakers Restore Funds for Domestic Violence Victims

“If the funds go away, I feel that the abuse is going to increase,” said Doug Warner, who lost his daughter to domestic violence and is the founder of a non-profit in Charleston that is dedicated to assisting victims and their families.

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According To Statistics

women shot dead

“Nine women are shot dead every week by their husband or intimate partner.”

I believe after all the abuse I endured, that I would have been one of these women had my (ex) husband owned a gun. I mean, he did try to strangle and suffocate me with a pillow on numerous occasions – during and after my pregnancy.

The number is probably higher than nine, but even if that figure was one, it is still one too many.

I’m not sure what can be done to stop this madness (Domestic Abuse/Violence as a whole), but I know this; I will continue to spread awareness and fight the fight.

Every Picture Tells A Story [48 Hours Episode] – Why I am Thinking Of Finally Pressing Charges

This episode makes me glad that I reported my abuser two months after leaving him (which I was not going to do), because now, if he does it to someone else and they come forward, my traumatic experiences are on record. I certainly would have been murdered if I had stayed any longer.

It also just goes to show that anyone can unfortunately, be drawn into Domestic Abuse/Violence.

“How did a woman like Cathy, a strong woman with friends, family and money end up a victim of Domestic Violence?” ~ Narrator

Picking Up the Pieces

It is one regret I cannot extricate myself from. The longer I am away from my ex, the more I wish I had the emotional strength 22 months ago to have him charged with assault. My belief that I did not have an avenue available to me to safely report the last assault he committed against me for fear of retaliation because I knew the drug agencies he worked for would help him again has not changed. On paper, this is wrong. On paper, they should take reports seriously and keep the claimant safe, not protect the accused because he does conscientious informant work. On paper, in the laws, I have a vehicle to report the crimes committed against me and an expectation I will be reasonably safe doing so. Sometimes, in real life, however, this is not really the case. Sometimes the integrity of those involved is not consistent…

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