What Would You Do?


This morning, after taking Max to pre-school, I decided to run a couple of errands.

I spotted a homeless gentleman sat on the ground.

Anyway, I continued to go in and out of various shops, but could not get this gentleman out of my mind.

Once finished, I went back to the same spot in which I had seen him moments earlier. He was still there. As I approached him, I noticed he was doing a crossword puzzle.

Me: “Excuse me sir, are you hungry?”.

Him: “Yes”.

I was taken aback by how well spoken and polite he was. Stood very close to a McDonalds, the conversation continued –

Me: “What would you like sir?”.

Him: “An egg mcmuffin please”.

Me: “With cheese?”.

Him: “Yes”.

Me: “Would you like some tea or coffee?”.

Him: (with a look of surprise and nodding gratefully) “Yes, coffee please!”.

Me: “With or without milk sir?”.

Him: “With”.

Me: “OK, please wait a moment”.

I went into McDonalds and ordered what the gentleman asked for. When asked would if I would like the meal, I had no idea what to say, as the order was not for me. I opted for it anyway. Gathering some sugar, napkins and a stirrer, I received his order and returned to him. He was busy doing his crossword again, so didn’t notice I was back.

Me: (stooping down in front of him) “Excuse me, here you go. I didn’t know if you wanted sugar, so I picked some up for you anyway”.

Him: “Thank you. I don’t take sugar, but I will save them for later”.

Me: “Is there anything else I can get for you? Water perhaps?”

Him: (looking surprised again) “No thank you, I have some water here. God bless you”.

Me: “Take care of yourself”.

(After the words left my lips, I thought to myself that I was rather dumb to say such a thing to him, he’s homeless. However, I did not mean any harm by it).

One thing I definitely cannot sit by and watch, is someone going hungry. This is all too real for me. During and after my pregnancy, I was denied food by my abusive ex husband. I was losing weight (whilst he was gaining), and he would sit in front of me – whilst I was weak from hunger and heavily pregnant – eating full meals, laughing at me. All two-hundred and sixty plus disgusting pounds of him.

I was so upset for this man, I started heading in the wrong direction without realising, as I didn’t want him to see the tears running down my face.

I cried all the way home, heartbroken that mankind is in such a state.

And there is nothing I can do about it.

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