Friday Funnies 27.07.18

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The heat has been so intense here in London. We are literally melting or frying alive; I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  I’ve read that the summer of 1976 was worse than this. I was born that year, so I don’t remember it. I can’t breathe though, it’s too much. Due to this and having Little Yum-Yum home at with me for the school summer break, I won’t be blogging much.

And like my wonderful friend DeBorah over at Roaming Urban Gypsy, Please offer water too those who really need it if you can – postmen/women, delivery peeps, etc, as well as stray animals. They all need your help in this relentless heat.

As I type, thunderstorms have just started and it’s finally raining (hailstones too). A relief for farmers and wildlife in particular.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend all.

Faith in Humanity ~ October 29th


As a Christian myself (Church of England), I am all for love – whether it be woman and man, man and man, or woman and woman. My son’s Godfather is gay. He is an amazing individual, and I support him 100%. If I am going to Hell for this belief, then so be it.

Love is love. ❤

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Faith in Humanity ~ October 20th


Despite the Hell I’ve been through, I am determined to believe there is still much good being done in this world.

In light of this belief, I shall be sharing with you, my wonderful followers/readers, the stories around the world, which have touched my heart – starting with this one.

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Animal Advocate

the reason

(See “Kittens – Rupert, Stewart And Jacob“, “My Precious Girls, Oxanna And Phoenix“, and “Animal Advocate“.)

It’s been a year since I have been an Animal Advocate!

It’s been five months since I’ve stopped eating meat.

I still eat poultry and some seafood, but am looking to wean myself off poultry first, followed by the seafood over the next few weeks. I have been eating these for pretty much all my life, so I need to make sure I am getting all the vitamins, etc that I need.

Although it feels like a losing battle at times, I have helped to save many lives, so will continue to fight the fight.

In memory of Rupert Ellington, Stewart Gilligan, Jacob Bartholomew, Oxanna Monroe and Phoenix Azaela.


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