Virgin Media/Broadband

Dear Virgin Media/Broadband

I’ve been having problems with my broadband for a little while. I find this most frustrating, as I work from home. In fact, even when I’m not working, I’m still using the internet.

Anyway, I received excellent customer service over the phone, and a technician was booked. However, I must say, I found a technician coming round really annoying, because it meant I had to bring my son to school, and rush back home for the appointment. I also hate waiting for workmen of any type because they generally do not turn up on time, then I have to clean after they have been in my home with their dirty boots.

On this occasion, the technician arrived just past 10.00 am which was perfect.

Now I’m certainly not complaining, but may I ask this of you… could you please give me prior warning that you are going to send such a hot man to my home, so I can at least style my hair? I mean, I was dressed in my usual 1950’s clothing (a dress with a petticoat), but I couldn’t be bothered with my hair, so it was slicked back in a bun. I guess I looked semi decent, but DAMN, this man was very handsome indeed. And he is around 6ft, which meant he hovered over me, so this was definitely a plus. Also, did I mention his smile and that he has tattoos? I almost melted. In fact, I had to sit down to compose myself. Last but not least, when he extended his hand to shake mine; I giggled like a shy school girl.

The broadband seems to be working well; I can only take his word that he completed the checks, because to be fair, I have no idea, as I was too distracted by him. So maybe now you have a better idea as to why you should probably give fair warning next time.

Anyway, thank you for dealing enquiry so quickly. I really appreciate it.

Kindest regards,

Persia Anderson

(Just so you know, I didn’t really send a letter. But if I did, it would be very similar to this one!).

The Past Twenty-Eight Hours

Have you ever thought “Sod this, I just want to hibernate!”? Well folks, that’s me right now.

The past twenty-eight hours have not been too kind to me. Starting with yesterday morning to this morning, I shall explain why.

 Max was playing up, as he wanted to stay in bed yesterday, rather than go to pre-school. I literally had to chase him around the house to get him ready.

I managed to drop him  off, but as I am walking down this street, this happens to me…


…Only I did not have a smile on my face. Nor was there a bunch of cameramen taking photos, for believe me, this was no photo shoot. I was so embarrassed, as I tried to hold on to my dignity, by grabbing my dress for dear life, trying not to traumatise the patients going in and out of the doctor’s surgery building I was passing. Where the heck did that gust of wind come from?!

I continue my day as normal for several hours. As I am making my way home, the Heavens open, and it starts to rain. Great, huh? I managed to fumble through the front door, with a both hands full, to get ready to collect Master Maximus.

As I leave to go get him, it stopped raining. Yes!! Thank God! I get to the pre-school on time. This could be a good day after all! Wrong. As Max and I are walking home, in a flash, he decided to jump into a puddle. The dirty, murky water landed on my dress (luckily is was predominately black), which then ran down my legs. I felt ill. Max threw his head back, cackling like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Once at home, Max thought I could go with some Circuit Training, so had me chasing him all over the house again, to feed and bathe him. Gosh, this kid wears me out!

Then the internet went down.

9517b83dd2_Funny-memes-Life-without-internet (640x593)

I swear I started to rock to and fro. After calling my provider, they said works are bring carried out. Hmm…

I noticed I had been charged for text messages sent, which I could not understand, as I have unlimited text messages. Upon calling my provider, I was told it would take fourteen days to look into, and that I should not send any more texts until the matter had been cleared up.

You have got to be kidding me, right?! No internet and no text messaging? Someone tell me a major prank is being pulled on me, please!

Woke up this morning. Still no internet! Already, I feel like I need one (maybe even two or three!) of these…

bebidas_sin_alcohol_para_tu_fiesta_de_15_1 (600x303)

Max was his usual hyper self… eventually. Surprisingly, I managed to get him to pre-school on time again. He was still snoring at 07.20, when he should be up at 07.00. When I woke  him up, the dirty look I got told me not to mess about with him. “Get me my juice” he demanded in a grumpy voice. Oh boy, I think it is going to be a looong day!

I then went to the doctor to have a blood pressure test done, and ended up having an MOT – which included a blood test. “As you’re forty…” the nurse said. Geez, talk about making me feel old, as well as making me have hold back the tears from the unexpected need to have a needle shoved in my vein. To top it off, I didn’t even get a ‘Brave’ sticker like Max does. How is this fair?

Unhappy about not being able to send text messages, I called my provider again. Short version; somehow, I managed to get subscribed to something I know nothing about. What the hell? I did not, and do not subscribe to anything. I was frustrated enough as it was, but the lady who took my call, could not speak English very well, so I had to keep asking her to repeat herself. I swear I was going to unleash the Kraken. (Take your pick).

clash-of-the-titans-10 (640x481)

1981 version

01f73cfb187558449795e5285579774b (640x469)

2010 version

I got the details of the company after researching them, and told them to unsubscribe me, and not to mess with my details again. I still am not sure who they are. The guy told me I must have clicked on a pop up on the internet, agreeing to pay. I do not recall doing so, and told him just that. He then said, it may have been by accident. What he does not realise, is that if this is not sorted out within the twenty-four hour time frame he said it would be, he will suffer from a sore ear if I have to call him back again. I have no time to be faffing with rubbish like this. I have better things to do.

So now I have managed to type up this post in the office today, I hope by the time I get back home, the internet is up and running. I cannot take another day of this.

I hope you all are having a great day.

Much love. ❤