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I’m not sure if I’ve simply gone nuts or something, but in addition to Spanish (I started in July last year), I am now learning French and German. Shortly, I will also be starting Vietnamese and Greek. I love Spanish, and can now read it quite well, but need to add more knowledge into my already, over-crowded brain. 😀 . Is it possible? Who knows? Worth a try though, huh?

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I guess I need to clear my head of all the old rubbish – namely what my abusive ex-husband put myself and son through – and to replace it with new, constructive information. I am not saying I will forget my experiences altogether, but I am certainly not going to let it dominate my life.

As long as you are not hurting any living being/creature, do what it takes to make a better you. I am somewhat, in a happy place right now, in the knowledge that my son is with me. He is healthy and growing fast. I do not wish to waste any more time dwelling on the past. I cannot change what happened at the hands of my abusive ex-husband, but I can certainly change the direction in which I move forward. And chose the direction of love, faith and hope.

I chose to rise and to live.

So this is what I shall do.

Much love ❤