That’s Why I Believe You

triple dipped psycho

I had no idea he was talking behind my back, blaming me for our financial woes, nor did I know he was telling people that it was I who insisted on us getting married. Considering it was he who proposed to me, and he was the one who got the information about proxy marriages. I’d never heard of one before! And it’s certainly not something that we do in the UK.

Me, 03:01, 6 May 2013 – I don’t know what is wrong with him. If he had made this much effort with us,  we would have been fine.

His Mother, 03:01, 6 May 2013 – yes you would. except for the lies and selfishness.

Me, 03:02, 6 May 2013 – So true. He lied about everything

Me, 03:02, 6 May 2013I wanted to leave him from last year and he wouldn’t let me

His Mother, 03:03, 6 May 2013 – including lying to me about you. grieve for the man you fell in love with so you can heal. don’t search for answers. that’s what I had to do.

Me, 03:04, 6 May 2013 – What did he say about me?

lying through your teeth

His Mother, 03:06, 6 May 2013he blamed the money problems on you, said you insisted on getting married, said you constantly put him down.

Me, 03:07, 6 May 2013 – Wow

His Mother, 03:07, 6 May 2013 – that was when he got out of the army and you were pregnant and he took off on you.

Me, 03:08, 6 May 2013 – I went to see him between Germany and the States 8 times and paid for it all to include flights, hotels and food.

Me, 03:09, 6 May 2013He racked up a nearly $3,000 debt on my credit card and left me to pay for it.

His Mother, 03:09, 6 May 2013when you told me he lied it was the final truth because everyone has been telling me that. that’s why I believe you.

Me, 03:11, 6 May 2013 – My divorce was finalised on April 1st 2011 and he insisted we get married straight away – against my better judgement,  so it happened on April 29th 2011 by proxy.

Me, 03:11, 6 May 2013I ended up paying for it.

Me, 03:12, 6 May 2013I told him i didn’t want to get married ever again. He really is a liar.

His Mother, 03:12, 6 May 2013 – I always swore I would never marry again unless I knew the man’s family. I knew my husband’s family for almost 30 years before I met him.

Me, 03:14, 6 May 2013 – I will call you tomorrow or something so we can actually talk about the things he’s done to me and so I can set the picture straight. I now know why no one likes him. Very horrible person. Shame i had to move out there to find out. Hard to see when you live in different countries.

Me, 03:16, 6 May 2013 – Please do not tell him we are on talking terms or what we have discussed.

His Mother, 03:16, 6 May 2013 – if it’s any consolation, , I made the same mistake with an online relationship after his father and I separated. I will keep this secret as long as you want.


spreading lies about others

Where his mother states “…that was when he got put of the army and you were pregnant and he took off on you“, was when he left me stranded in West Virginia, heavily pregnant, in winter, with no money or food. I had literally no battery power left on my phone either.  I had to sit outside in the cold, freezing to death, with no coat.

He eventually came back for me after three and a half hours.

Can’t say I’m surprised by his lies though. That’s all he ever does. Lie.

No Thanks!

he aint no prize

(Pfft… Bitch, please. He ain’t no prize… You can HAVE him!).

Years ago, just before I started dating Mr. Narcissist (*Steve), I met a guy called Paul. (I’m using his real name because I just don’t give a damn any more!). Anyway, he had told me he had been divorced for two years. Fair enough. We went on a couple of dates. I didn’t ‘fancy’ him, but thought he was an OK guy to have as a friend.

After the second date, I received an unexpected call… from his wife! The douche bag was married with a child, and still living in the marital home.

I got cussed out by his wife asking me how do I feel about being the other woman, by which I told her I do not feel anything at all because I am not the other woman. I proceeded to explain to her that her husband was the one that approached me, and told me that he had been divorced for two years. Why the hell should I take the blame for someone else’s lies? I then had to listen to how they had had a wonderful wedding in Sri Lanka and that they had been together for fifteen years. The conversation ended with me telling her that there are too many men out there for me to be sharing a married man and fighting over him. I haven’t got time for that shit.

Paul then called me whilst I was at work (filming in a cemetery – I remember this as I was thinking if I ever got my hands on him he’d soon be six foot under!), and proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to be with him, he would leave his wife for me. Yep, he went there. I told him “Hell no!”

I guess my response didn’t go down too well, because the pair stalked me for over a year.

Last year, Paul got in touch with me to let me know that he and his wife had broken up for good. Why would I care?

And the funniest thing after such appalling behaviour? He still wanted me to give him a chance!

Paul paul 2

(Blue – Me. White – Paul).

It was worth the wait to laugh at him, but no thanks. I’m not desperate! Bloody delusional fool! 😀

I Was Just Respecting His Wishes

enough of your issues

Two messages received on separate occasions from *Steve’s eldest sister *Anna. More proof that this family is messed up – regardless of whether or not it is against each other or their partners.

Here, she is talking about her mother. (“Bear” is a nickname for him from childhood. All typos have been included too):

Anna, 07/01/2011 01:49 – Poisia, I’m glad you and Bear have made up, I hate to think that she’s come between you two. I’m also so sorry that you’re having to deal with all of this right now. Hopefully it will be over soon, or at least bearable. Anyway, I hope you have a good day! Muah Muah! Anna


The next message shows that at a whim, they suck up to Steve, hence condoning his ridiculous and spiteful behaviour. He acts like a child when you call him out on anything, then tries to get people to side with him. Generally, he is successful with his ‘family’, as they are really the only ones who believe and/or puts up with his bullshit:

Anna, 22/01/2011 20:54  – Hi dear, Persia, I want you to know I genuinely care for you, and I’m sorry you were hurt this morning. When Bear IMed me I was still asleep and a bit out of it, but he seemed upset and asked me to block you…I didn’t want to but did it out of respect for him. As soon as he said you all were ok I undid it. Please please don’t think it had anything to do with you, I was just respecting his wishes. I hope your day gets better. I adore you. Anna Moo

Just because he and I had a disagreement, he asked members of his family to block me on Facebook?! And they did? Oh please! I’m just so glad I’m away from all of this crap now!

Emails From Steve

email 1

“i miss you so much my heart is aching, i can feel your touch on me, and it’s deeper than skin baby, it’s to my soul, i love you so much!”

email 2

“But baby your all I got”

email 3

“Every day before I get out of bed I pray, “God, grant me the wisdom to keep her, grant me the strength to help her, and than you for bringing her into my world and creating for me a life to be proud of.”

email 4

“see i have this problem, i love you more than i can express, and i love you way too much to ever not chase you, even if it is pointless.”

email 5

I want to be married to you tomorrow.”

I came across these emails recently, so thought I’d share them. All from *Steve. What a load of shit, eh? They did make me laugh though. And for those who have read what I’ve been through, I hope they make you laugh too. 😀