The Perfect Narcissist.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Lucky Otters Haven

In order to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) a person must meet at least five of the nine criteria specified in the DSM. Most narcissists do not meet all 9.

Brian Blackwell, a young man who murdered both his parents and then callously left their bodies behind to take a trip to New York City with his girlfriend, met all 9 criteria. Here is his story.

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Sociopath Survival

“A Sociopath makes sure to progress the relationship quickly so as to keep you unbalanced” ~ Sociopath Life


So many readers send emails asking the same question “how do I ever get over this”.  The first thing you need to recognize is that the relationship with the Sociopath was a death. A death of the person you were prior to them, and a death of the relationship itself. So with that being said, you have to grieve. For some that is hard to do because you can’t let go. For other’s children are involved so there is a need for contact. In this post, I am going to make references to previous post I have made that are in the archives. They will be underlined in blue.  Please click on each post and read it. It will help you to survive where you have been, where you are now,  and how to go forward. 

So you already know the signs & traits  of the person you were with…

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