Parent Alienation By The Psychopath

I am so glad I got my son Max away from this situation. I really do feel for those parents who are struggling with this.

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I read an excellent article today on how the narcissist/psychopath will alienate the children from the victim. The psychopath knows that is the one way he/she can cause the deepest wounds and the most emotional devastation and it is almost impossible to prove if the psychopath is cunning enough and most of them are. As the article states, it starts long before the relationship ends, the psychopath starts when the children are young and brainwashes them their whole life, subtly, playfully, is ways the victim sounds like an idiot when they try to explain it to anyone who doesn’t know what a narcissist is like.

The victim, as with everything to do with the narcissist feels helpless and revictimized by society, family, friends and the people who are supposed to be helping her, the legal system, social services, and their own children. I am so thankful I never had a…

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8 Signs Of An Abusive Relationship You Can’t Ignore

“Mistreatment is often the result of manipulation and exploitation, and it doesn’t always have to include physical abuse.” ~ Raven Storms Blog


Most of us equate the idea of a “stable” life with the seemingly simple concept of an institutionalized relationship at the altar — aka marriage. While we celebrate couples who are bound by wedlock, we have, as a society, also come to the agreement that all marriages are inherently stifled with conflict and misunderstanding, which is why many of us strive to “make it work.”

But there is a fine line between inevitable misunderstandings in a relationship and an inherently unhealthy relationship. When we hear the stories of the women and men who endure such tumultuous relationships, we can’t help but wonder: “Why don’t they just walk away?” But it’s all too easy as observers to make assumptions. We assume that, if faced with the same circumstances as the victims telling their stories, we would’ve acted differently: we would have left at the first sign of trouble, right?
Wrong. Mistreatment…

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