How to Discover if Your Partner Has a Violent Past

Clare’s Law allows men and women to find out if there is a history of violence with their partners. The legislation came into effect in 2014.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) was nicknamed ‘Clare’s law’ after Clare Wood, who was strangled and set on fire by her ex-boyfriend in Salford, Greater Manchester, in 2009.

Grimsby Telegraph

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Pardeep Kaur’s husband in agony as they were planning more kids before she was murdered under bridge by Latvian drifter allowed in UK despite convictions in homeland

This sickens me. The horror this poor woman must have gone through in her final moments. Sickening.

(Vadims Ruskuls): He had fled his homeland following a string of criminal convictions before he raped and murdered the 30-year-old mum.

She worked at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel in Harlington while Mr Singh had a job at Fresh Foods in Hayes. They both worked six days a week to send money to their five-year-old daughter who lived with her grandparents in India.

Amanda Devlin, The Sun

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San Bernardino School Shooting: How Do You Explain Murder to a Child?

“As a parent, I have no idea how I would console elementary-aged children after they witnessed something so horrific. I mean, how do you explain murder to a child who saw the terror unfold right before their eyes? My God…what words would I use to explain to a fragile mind what they viewed? How do console those little souls? Talk about PTSD and trauma…” ~ Lil Pick Me Up, Writing With Hope

Writing With Hope

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My daughter is brave, smart, and, I’ve been, told advanced. But could her little body manage a bullet fired by a gunman who bursts into her classroom with revenge on his mind, fueled by psychotic anger blinding him from all rationality? Parents in San Bernardino are asking themselves a similar question, as their city suffered yet another tragic shooting. This time at an elementary school, no less.

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Was Betty Broderick really a victim of narcissistic abuse?

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Lucky Otters Haven

Dan and Betty Broderick at their wedding, 1969

Sometimes the delineation between being a narcissistic abuser and having been a victim of narcissistic abuse is not very clear.    A famous example is Betty Broderick,  the jilted wife who broke into the home of her ex-husband, Dan Broderick, and his new wife, Linda Kolkena, and shot them both to death as they slept.

The entire story is documented in Bella Stumbo’s excellent true crime book, Until The Twelfth of Never, which I read a number of years ago. The story of this tragedy haunted me for weeks, but Dan’s treatment of Betty prior to the murders haunted me even more.  In fact, it downright bugged the bejeezus out of me.

Betty was eventually prosecuted and her appeal for parole was denied.   She will probably spend the rest of her life in prison.

Did Betty murder in cold blood?…

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The Perfect Narcissist.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Lucky Otters Haven

In order to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) a person must meet at least five of the nine criteria specified in the DSM. Most narcissists do not meet all 9.

Brian Blackwell, a young man who murdered both his parents and then callously left their bodies behind to take a trip to New York City with his girlfriend, met all 9 criteria. Here is his story.

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Wife-Beater Cheated Jail…


And this is why very often, victims are reluctant to reveal that they are being abused.

What is it going to take? A hundred more deaths? A thousand? A million?

Mummy, Mummy…


This was my little boy Max on Friday just before I rushed him to A&E/ ER.

He was throwing up for an hour before I managed to get him out of the house – but not before dressing him and him being sick all over his clothes and coat, so I had to change him again.

However, on the morning of Friday 26th December, I noticed he was struggling to smile. (Although he was sick, he still tried! ❤ ).

My baby was barely moving. His lips had a hint of blue to them.

I burst into tears. He faintly said “mummy, mummy…”, reaching out to me to give me a cuddle, to cheer me up.

According to the doctor, he had been sick for a week. Something I did not notice, as he was his usual, cheerful self, running around like crazy. He was eating, drinking water and juice ~ everything seemed normal. How was I to know? It was so upsetting not to be able to realise what was going on, but there were no signs. This day was the worst of it, and I was told he should be well in no time.

It was airborne. I wish people would cover their frigging mouths when coughing and sneezing. This is the sort of shit that happens when they don’t. This is why I let it rip to those whom I catch spreading their germs.

Should he ‘pass’ or throw up again I was given Dioralyte to add to 200ml of water, which replaces body fluids  and salts lost during illness. Max hates it and refuses to drink it, adding a very firm “No” to throwing the cup away.

Needless to say, he has me running around after him again, telling me off if he thinks I’m not doing something the way he thinks it should be done.

I am so relieved he is well again.

My sweet little angel. ❤