Narcissist Exposer #42

Are you asking yourself why hasn’t the narcissist popped back up or reached out to me? Please don’t feel some type of way because they haven’t. Some fall back on past relationships and some move on never looking back. Not contacting you is definitely not a bad thing. Focus on healing and moving forward never allowing that type of relationship ever again.

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Narcissist Exposer #41

Narcissists will hurt and damage those closest to them more than they’ll ever realise, and the worst part is they don’t give a shit.

They can’t.

They are literally incapable of giving a single salty f**k about what kind of pain they’re causing to their supposes loved ones, and so unless those close to them take action to distance themselves, they cycle of abuse and pain will go on forever.

Those who choose to stay might as well get used to the idea that they’re not allowed to express their own emotions.

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Narcissist Exposer #40

You see the red flags to run, and of you continue to see where the relationship can go, you can forget about your wants, needs, expectations because you will exhaust yourself trying to please them. They don’t even appreciate it… And don’t even think of taking time to finally do something for you. You will be punished for taking the time out for you when that time was supposed to be used catering to them.

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Narcissist Exposer #39

What others are warning you about is very hard for you to believe, because you have been pulled in and you’re wanting to believe their words and not their actions. You have to look at their actions and not their words and break free.

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Narcissist Exposer #38

One of the surest ways to know that you are dealing with a narcissist, is how illogical they are. This is because they live by a set of double standards. They raise hell for something you do, say it’s all wrong, and act as if you’ve committed a major crime, but they are guilty of the exact same things. No matter how much evidence you give them of their hypocrisies, they remain in complete denial. They also have petty excuses for every single rotten thing they do, but allow you to have even valid reasons for anything you do. Trying to reason with a narc is like talking to a brick wall.

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Narcissist Exposer #37

If you let them back in dealing with “What if they have changed this time?”, you will immediately regret it. It becomes bad energy, confusion and depression where you have to put all that work back in, all over again to try and get rid of it.

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Narcissist Exposer #36

Narcissists don’t change their ways. They change the number of people they betray, conquer, charm, manipulate, control, abuse and lie to.

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