Narcissist Exposer #117

When you break things off with the narcissist unexpectedly they can’t handle it. They will reach out to you to try to win you back. Five years will go by and they will still send some type of bait message to you hoping one day you’re vulnerable enough to reply. Don’t tolerate their mess ever again.

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Narcissist Exposer #112

Narcissists are notorious for disguising their pasts. They tend to create the same relationships over and over again, down to the same love notes, songs and promises. You were not the first nor will you be the last to be deceived by their fraud. They Keep a harem of former “soulmates” who have endured the same deception and heartache.

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Narcissist Exposer #111

When you don’t know what they are doing, you can’t fall for the fake picture they are trying to paint. Don’t look, don’t engage, don’t respond. It’s not worth the price that comes with dealing with them.

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Narcissist Exposer #98

Narcissists have two sets of rules. They demand you do all the apologising, you respect them, you can’t say anything or criticise them, you do whatever they say and you can’t have feelings or express those feelings. However, none of those rules apply to them. They can do and say whatever they want, whenever they want, never apologise, be totally disrespectful, and they seem to think it’s perfectly fine.

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Narcissist Exposer #86

No matter what you do for the narcissist, they will turn against you the moment you stop. Recognising the relationship is not reciprocal and that you are not crazy or wrong, are important facts to keep you on track with your own life goals and priorities.

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