Narcissist Exposer #62

Narcissists turn people against each other by telling you and the other person, whatever makes the narcissist look like they aren’t to blame or they aren’t the problem … when in actuality they stirred up the pot for a reason. Now two people are mad at each other because the narcissists didn’t want to hear you hold them accountable so they just lie to get it off them.

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Narcissist Exposer #61

Have you noticed the amount of energy narcissists use to keep things chaotic, and the amount of excuses used on why they can’t keep their word, and can’t complete things, can’t stay focused but always act as if you can’t do anything right? This is mind manipulation to make you feel insecure simply because they are insecure.

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Narcissist Exposer #60

They complimented so many things about you initially. Now you’re changing everything just to keep the narcissist from complaining. Why are the things that were complimented all of a sudden a bother? Because you’re dealing with someone that wants you to fight to keep making them happy, but they will never be happy until they have completely destroyed you. Break free from their madness.

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Narcissist Exposer #59

You are afraid to speak out about the things you went through with the narcissist. They have moved on to the next victim and still able to control you. They want you down, damaged and quiet … never speaking about what they did to you. So what if you talk about it? What can they do?? You can say whatever you feel.

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Narcissist Exposer #58

Have you noticed how much power you have when you protect yourself with no contact? Once you break it you regret it, you’re hurt, you’re down, bothered, beating yourself up for giving in. Now you have to start all over with getting yourself back together. No contact protects you from the harm that just one talk can cause.

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Narcissist Exposer #57

The narcissist is on a mission for entertainment today … this could involve button pushing, texting you something that they think you want to hear only to confirm you were easy prey … Make sure it’s not you they can put a check mark by. Don’t respond.


Narcissist Exposer #56

The ex is always the scapegoat to the narcissist. The narcissist will claim their ‘ex’ ruined them, cheated on them, etc., when in fact, it was the narcissist that did all of these things. Don’t be so quick to believe the things they ‘claim’ about their ex …