Persian stuffed squash with tahini sauce and cinnamon onions

Oooh! I do love Persian food!

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Persian stuffed onion squash

It is traditional at this time of year to consider those less well off than ourselves, and here in the UK there is no more poignant symbol of the divide between the haves and the have-nots than the food bank.

They arose as a charitable and humanitarian response to growing inequality, and were intended to provide an emergency stop gap in times of need, but food banks have since have become an entrenched feature of the dismal landscape of austerity.

So what do we know about those who are using food banks?

Chief architects of the austerity programme, the UK government, do not monitor food bank use (presumably because it would reveal the stark truth about the growing numbers falling through holes in the welfare net).

There are also a number of different organisations running the UK’s food banks, making it difficult to obtain data which provides a reliable overall…

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