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Race Track Play Mat

Maximus Octavian


Another surprise for Max, was this play mat. A lover of cars, he could not contain his excitement when he saw it.

No one is allowed to stand on it (mummy got told off, you can see her foot).

No one is allowed to touch it, unless you have his permission.

This is a great way to keep Max entertained, whilst mummy sits down to have a well earned cup of coffee!

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A New Car

Maximus Octavian


A few days ago, Max called mummy and said that he had a surprise for her. Upon entering the room, this is what the surprise was… a new car!

With Teddy already a passenger, Max told mummy to climb in.


Unfortunately, there was not enough room, so he grabbed the steering wheel and drove off! Oh, his imagination! 😀

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Happy Burpday

Maximus Octavian


Here is Max presenting a ‘burpday’ cake he made from plasticine for mummy.

Playing for hours, his imagination running wild, on this occasion it was to pretend it was mummy’s birthday. He even sang his version of the song:

Happy Burpday to you,

Happy Burpday to you,

Happy Burpday to my mummy,

Happy burpday to you!

It was incredibly cute. ❤

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