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So… I’ve just got back home from A&E/ER.

Max thought it would be a good idea to shove part of a toy up his left nostril – whilst we were watching TV, waiting for his new craze, Power Rangers, Dino Supercharge.

I power-walked like crazy to the hospital, as it was quicker than calling a cab/taxi, ambulance, or waiting for public transport. Even if I did have a car, there would be nowhere to park, or the the car park at the hospital would be extortionate.

By the time we got to the hospital, I was an emotional wreck, and burst into tears as I was talking to the nurse. Max on the other hand, was saying “Don’t cry mummy, I’m OK. It’s alright”. Shame on me.

Anyway, Max was telling the doctor not to touch him, or he’ll call the police, and that he should leave me alone, because I’m his mummy. My very own bodyguard! To cut a long story short, I would have had to go to a different hospital tomorrow to have the part removed if they didn’t try today. Oh, hell no. So, I told the hospital staff that we were going to have to do a take down on Little Yum-Yum. The thought of spending all day in hospital was a no-no! It took two nurses and myself to hold him down, and a doctor to take the part of the toy out with a tweezers. The doctor got a telling off for going against Max’s wishes. In Max’s own words “You didn’t listen to me. I told you to leave me alone”.

Fortunately, all is now well.

We left just before 3.00 pm and were gone for approximately two and a half hours. We were there for as long as we were because Max refused to be touched. Man, this child can talk for Britain.

I am so grateful for the NHS and its staff.

I will destroy anyone verbally, who dares to put the NHS down; a system we are so fortunate to have. Staff are amazing and patient. Care is outstanding.

They are second to none. ❤