Am I Crazy?

“You are left emotionally and mentally abandoned, and you cannot understand how that happened, so the question you keep asking is, Am I crazy?” ~ SociopathLife/Hell



When you are involved with a Sociopath, or apart, how many times do you ask yourself Am I Crazy?

This questioning of yourself is because of the constant mind conditioning done from the Sociopath. Try having a ‘normal’ conversation with them? It turns into a war-with-words, Am I Crazy? The Sociopath tells you all the things wrong with YOU…….Am I Crazy? You are told ‘you will never find someone to put up with you. Your fat, lazy, disgusting, uncaring, abusive, ….Am I Crazy?

Your waking hours are spent over the months and year’s spent with the Sociopath questioning….Am I Crazy?  Everything you poured into the relationship, unconditional love, compassion, begging for normalcy ……Am I Crazy? The thousands of times of forgiveness, only to fall back into their trap of lies, deceit, cheating, and you forgave……Am I Crazy? You decide to go NO CONTACT, and…

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Fun in the Park with Teddy

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Maximus Octavian


Max asked mummy to take him and Teddy to the park. So she did, But when they got there, all Max wanted to do was stay on the swing! This image is of mummy suggesting another activity, which as you can see, was greeted with “If I just ignore her, maybe she’ll just go away…”.


When asked again, he looked up, said “No”, then looked away, still clinging to his beloved Teddy.


Mummy gives in, and tells him he can stay on the swing for as long as he likes. Look at the grin on his face! A look of victory! ❤

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The Circus

“Then you wake up one day, and the Circus now has let loose of the animals. There are elephants in the room, there are skeletons in the closet, there is the joker who is constantly lying, manipulating and emotionally abusing you.” ~ Sociopath Hell


The Sociopath circus has come to town! You are so excited, so happy, filled with excitement on what is in store. Little did you know this Circus was going to take you to Hell.

A Sociopath Circus comes into your life as the most amazing/incredible/beautiful person you have ever encountered. The outgoing personality, the incredible sex, the words you have always wanted to hear a lover say to you. The Circus is so overwhelming that at times you cannot keep up with it because you are “so in love”.  All you ‘see’ is how terrific this person is, all you ‘feel’ is the love that has been missing from your life, all you ‘focus’ on is  being caught up in the excitement of the Sociopath Circus.

Then you wake up one day, and the Circus now has let loose of the animals. There are elephants in the room, there are…

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