A Friend Saw This and Thought of Me

A friend of mine sent me a link on Facebook with the following message:

…I saw the heels and thought of you doing your jerrycan lift…

She went on to say:

I admired the fact you could do the jerrycan lift in them.

Believe me, they are extremely heavy! These large cans are filled to the top with water. The purpose is to determine ones upper strength. One in each hand must be carried for a certain amount of metres, without putting them down, keeping up with the instructor at all times.

I must say, I did surprise myself with the amount of activities I participated in with my Mary-Jane shoes – to include marching and lifting weights.

Fun times with a couple of military units a little while ago…

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Babycham Navy ‘Kimberly Stripe’ Mary-Jayne Shoes

I work out pretty much every day (weekdays only), but only for 10-15 minutes a day. This includes sit-ups, squats, etc. On the days I run, I don’t do much else.

I reblogged this, because the bottom picture was taken just four weeks after I started training again. I went on a photo shoot, and could not believe the muscle gain! (And I don’t eat meat). Thing is, it was not even intentional. I only lift light weights – unless I am using Max!

I hope this is inspirational for those who wish to work out. It is possible. Just keep at it. Good luck! 🙂

Lady P Vintage



Debenhams (UK)

Material Composition:

Upper: textile
Lining: textile
Sole: man made


This style is simply fabulous. However, these seem somewhat, a little narrow. I ordered my usual size – UK 6 –  but a UK 6.5 would have been perfect. Unfortunately, half sizes are not available, and UK 7 would have been perhaps too big. At least now I have an excuse to wear them more often so I can break them in!


£30.00 in the sale (original price £60.00). Free Shipping on purchases of £30.00 and over.




Other Information:

Outfit & Props ~ Photographers own


John Bellingham

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