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Max’s English Dictionary ~ Part Two

Maximus Octavian

Here he goes again!

Gloggly Eyes – Googly Eyes

Retective – Detective

Blutterfly – Butterfly

Flamley – Family

Cimema – Cinema

Natkin – Napkin

Gackels – Capitals

Breakfuss – Breakfast

Dining – Darling

Rounding – Random

I are – I am

Bag Word – Bad Word

Sellotake – Sellotape

Gragley – Bradley

Ambled Eggs– Scrambled Eggs

(Click here for Max’s English Dictionary ~ Part One).

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Max’s English Dictionary

Maximus Octavian

Master Maximus believes he is right with everything he says and does. On the left, is how he pronounces particular words:

Orject – Object

Marbalous – Marvellous

Catulator – Calculator

Lellow – Yellow

Wenting Boots – Wellington Boots

Hip the Potanis – Hippopotamus

Trenchula – Tarantula

Bing Bang TheoriesBig Bang Theory

Murdrey WroteMurder She Wrote


The Visions – Television

Breaken – Broken

Catus – Cactus

Ploblems – Problems


The English language has been wrong this whole time! 😀

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