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Yesterday was HOT!

Yesterday was HOT!

Yesterday (09.04.17) was so hot, I had to rub sun lotion on Max! At this time of year, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I couldn’t believe it!

And then I saw this…

20170409_154500 (480x640)

Did this guy not feel the heat? I mean, he even had his hood on!

One another note, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Love, P. x

Ricky ~ Max’s Godfather

kennington park

(Kennington Park, London. Please note, this is not my image).

Yesterday, I decided to take some time out, and not worry about my troubles. Boy, did I need it! It was warm(ish) and sunny here in jolly old England – London to be a bit more precise – so Max’s Godfather Ricky suggested me meet up and go to the park. After Lewis (his dog) had a good run around in the park, and stopping for bubble gum flavoured ice-cream, we sat outdoors and had lunch – paid for by Ricky. Running after the very independent Max, (or so my son thinks he is!), I had the hard task of trying to explain to him that Lewis was not a live toy. The poor dog kept sprinting in the opposite direction when Max approached him. It was funny to say the least.

Today, I realised a few things.

I realised that I still have a lot to live for. That I still have people around me who believe in me and don’t want to see me fail. People who, through my struggles, financially (caused by my (ex) husband) and otherwise, are there for me, encouraging me to keep going because there is light at the end of the tunnel. And through my horrendous journey, never tire of hearing about my traumatic experiences when I need to talk about them, to get them off my chest.

Love you lots Ricky. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. ❤

Now, if only he was single and liked women! 😀